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CFEE has a variety of other resources (print, video, and web-based) on a range of topics that you may find of interest.

The Canadian Economy: The Big Picture

Life: Where does an economy fit? Life has many dimensions. Most of us spend a good portion of our lives seeking fulfillment in the more emotional and spiritual areas – happiness, friendship, love. In our... Read More

State of Financial Education Report

TD Bank Group has an extensive history and record of philanthropic activity – supporting a wide variety of causes and organizations. In recent years, TD has assigned attention and resources to the goal of improving financial literacy... Read More

Youth Survey: Learning About Money

Many initiatives are underway focused on teaching kids what people feel they should know about money. But, to our knowledge, no one has ever reached out broadly to ask youth what they want to learn... Read More

Catching the Wave

In January 1996, a Working Group on Youth Entrepreneurship was established with co-ordination provided by Human Resources Development Canada. The Working Group on Youth Entrepreneurship is composed of three Sector Council organizations: the Canadian Council for Human Resources... Read More

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