Youth Survey: Learning About Money

Financial Capability | CFEE | 11.16.18

Many initiatives are underway focused on teaching kids what people feel they should know about money. But, to our knowledge, no one has ever reached out broadly to ask youth what they want to learn about – what they are interested in – the challenges they face – and how they would like to learn about money.

So we decided to ask them. And we received feedback from over 6,000 young people from across Canada from ages 12 to 17. The summary of what we heard follows – along with some conclusions we are drawing and how we, as an organization, will respond to what we have heard. We will happily share the findings with all others who are interested.

As those involved in education know, it is hard to teach if you don’t have an engaged learner. One key element of engaging learners is to focus on topics and matters that are of interest – particularly those that are relevant to their personal day-to-day lives and their futures. And the topic of money – and how to manage it –how to make good money decisions – is something students want to learn.

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