Upcoming Events


Creating (or Updating) Your Will, and POA Documents

Ensuring that our Goals and Requests are fulfilled when we are incapable of making decisions on our own, or after our death is often a major concern of older adults as they confront the inevitable... Read More


Strengthening your financial capability throughout the retirement journey

Join presenters Kevin Maynard (CFEE) and Suzie Graham (IG Wealth Management) for a free webinar about financial best practices, tips and reminders throughout the retirement journey. Presentation to be followed by Q&A.


Dealing With Terminal Illness and Death

All of us will one day end our journey here on the earth. This discussion will focus on steps that we can all take to ensure that major bumps in the road to dealing with... Read More


Planning a Funeral, Celebration of Life, and Other Considerations

One of our final steps in terms of planning and achieving our goals in life, financially and otherwise, involves the planning of our memorial and interment or cremation – or whatever “process” that our culture,... Read More

Past Events


Seniors Workshop - GOA Toronto: Silver Linings - Fraud Prevention

The GOA Toronto is holding a workshop for seniors entitled “Silver Linings – Fraud Prevention.” Raising awareness about fraud committed online and in person is crucial to protect our communities. Be alert, be familiar with... Read More


Canada Revenue Agency - Free webinar for newcomers to Canada

Free webinar for newcomers to Canada: Register today to learn about the benefits and credits you could receive! Did you know that you need to file your taxes to get benefits and credits? Even if... Read More


Your Legacy, Providing Support to Your Community, and Family, After You Die

Join our host Brian Smith (Vice-President, Quebec, CFEE) as he and his guests explore the concept of legacy planning, for those that you leave behind after your death. Considerations will touch on personal goals, family... Read More


The Power of Community and Connection in Advancing Your Career

Join this special Black History Month Event, the Power of Community and Connection in Advancing Your Career, a conversation with Brian Smith – social entrepreneur, community activist and event producer, in addition to serving as... Read More


Virtual Workshop - Addressing Financial Concerns for Seniors (Hamilton Jewish Family Services)

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education ( together with IG Wealth Management, has organized a series of virtual workshops designed to help seniors develop a better understanding of financial issues relevant and important to them.... Read More


Living Arrangements as Your Housing Needs Change

Join our host Kevin Maynard as he explores the needs and wishes of Canadian Seniors as they contemplate adjustments for their living situation as they continue on their life journey. Special guests will include one... Read More


RTOERO Retirement Planning Webinars

RTOERO will be hosting various retirement planning workshops throughout the month of January. January is an opportune time to reflect on one’s retirement planning goals and readiness. Attending a free retirement planning workshop is the... Read More


How to Improve Your Credit Score

A good credit score is essential to be in the good books of creditors. Join Credit Canada on Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 to learn how to improve your credit score. What’s in the Webinar? During... Read More


KICK Conference

September 16, 2022 is the day your students will get the chance to KICK start their post-secondary endeavors in business! We would like to invite your Grade 11 & 12 business students in the upcoming... Read More


My Money, My Future Challenge: Virtual National Showcase 2022

Join us for the My Money, My Future: Canadian Financial Education Challenge Virtual National Showcase on Thursday, June 16, 2022 where we will see the top submissions from youth across the country, and find out... Read More

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