Building Futures in Alberta

Helping Kids Prepare for their Financial Future

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Project Overview

At the heart of Building Futures is a vision of improving the financial literacy of Alberta’s youth.

How can we make sure they understand how money works? How can we help them prepare to make smart money decisions throughout their lives?

Building Futures focuses on the money topics most important for students from grades 7 to 12. Teachers can access “Supports for Instruction” that are aligned with the topics and curriculum instruction opportunities. A host of other free resources in English and French are also available for use in classrooms. The program also provides easy and free access to other CFEE financial education resources and programs.

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In Brief

  • The Learning Framework includes 20 separate modules aligned with Alberta’s school curriculum. These are our suggestions for WHAT to teach to help improve financial literacy.
  • Modules stand on their own and are designed to help students expand their financial knowledge, build new skills and acquire new behaviours.
  • The Supports for Instruction provide videos, animations and links to other resources. This helps address the HOW to teach.


  • The Learning Framework provides a reference tool for teachers in terms of important financial education themes and topics.
  • A monthly Quiz helps engage student interest and gain insight into what is known, and not known, by students about various financial topics.
  • There is also the option for teachers to request an Ambassador – that is, a representative from the financial industry – who can assist them with their financial education efforts.
  • Over time, more programs and resources will be integrated into the Building Futures in Alberta program to provide ever-expanding support to teachers and their efforts to improve the financial literacy of Alberta youth.

Help us make Building Futures better

If you have ideas or suggestions for the program, or feedback on your experience with any component of the program, please email us at

CFEE welcomes you comments, feedback, and suggestions on Building Futures in Alberta program. Please do so by completing the Survey Monkey feedback form at the following link:

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