Career Development Capability

A key challenge in building a successful future is to develop the capability to secure, or create, opportunities to obtain income. With the world of work changing so significantly and rapidly, it is important to insure Canadians have access to the information they need to make effective education, training, and career choices. Improving career development capability is another area of focus for CFEE’s work - with a particular focus on youth.

Financial Capability

One area of CFEE’s work focuses on building financial knowledge, skills, and behaviours that help prepare youth for their financial futures - and also help adults be better prepared to undertake their financial decisions and actions with confidence and competence. The world of Money and Finance has grown increasingly complex over recent decades. Financial capability is important to staying in control and being able to avoid financial stress and anxiety, achieve goals, and build a successful future.

Economic Capability

Canadians are called upon to make a vast variety of decisions on a constant and daily basis. Many of these decisions are impacted by the realities, changes and developments in their local economy and economic situations - as well as regional, national, and global economic factors. To make informed and effective decisions, it is important for Canadians to have an understanding of basic economics and how economic realities can impact their decisions. Supporting improved economic capability is another focus of CFEE’s work.

Enterprising Capability

Enterprising people are agents of change. They are opportunity seekers. They generate new ideas and help to mobilize resources to achieve change and improvement. Some choose to become entrepreneurs and create new ventures to address needs, wants, and problems with new products and services. But enterprising skills, behaviours, and capabilities can help everyone no matter what the nature of the endeavour - starting a business, working as an employee, leading a not-for-profit social service agency, running a household, or running a school. Building enterprising capability is another area of focus for CFEE’s work.

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