CFEE’s summary of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Economic Capability | CFEE | 10.25.18
  • TPP stands for the Trans-Pacific Partnership since it involves countries from all across the Pacific region. This is not a free trade agreement since some tariffs and protections remain, although they will be gradually reduced. That is why it is a partnership and not a free trade agreement. It will certainly affect trade and the flow of goods and services – but it does not create a free trade zone like the European Union. In the case of the EU, goods, services and labour can flow freely among countries without tariffs and barriers. That is not the case for this agreement.
  • There are, of course, other factors that can affect job opportunities and incomes. For example, in many cases women are still paid at lower levels than their male counterparts. There may also be discrimination on the basis of age, race, or colour. Authorities, in many cases, are trying to prevent situations of wage discrimination based on sex, age, race, and colour. But some cases of inequity and workplace prejudice still exist and pose challenges to some.

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