The Canadian Economy: The Big Picture

Economic Capability | CFEE | 10.23.19

Life: Where does an economy fit?

Life has many dimensions. Most of us spend a good portion of our lives seeking fulfillment in the more emotional and spiritual areas – happiness, friendship, love. In our day-to-day personal and family lives, we also tend to seek out ways to improve our standard of living and quality of life. One way to improve our quality of life is through acquiring material things. We find there are products and services that can make life more enjoyable, more pleasurable, or simpler. This is where our economy and economic system come into play.

Even some aspects of our emotional world are linked to the economy. Happiness, enjoyment, and so forth can come from a wonderful trip, a family cottage, a good meal, a nice car, an extremely comfortable pair of shoes, a good book, or a delightful movie. Our lives are complex and, in today’s world, our economy is inextricably linked to our lives – in terms of our work and play.

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