FinLit 101

Project Overview

CFEE and National Bank will be collaborating with provinces all across Canada to develop a new online self-instruction course for high school students – a program that will also be available to teachers, parents, and others to develop personal financial capability.

CFEE works closely with the provinces and is aware that all provinces are working to do more in terms of financial education.  But there are challenges – including an already crowded curriculum with many other learning responsibilities competing for classroom and teacher time; training teachers as most do not have a background in this area of learning; and the cost of additional resources. The new online course will help address all of these challenges.

Students will be able to take the course independently on their own time.  The program will employ the best teachers and teaching techniques to ensure effective student engagement and retention of what is learned. The program will also be designed to facilitate the participation and contribution of teachers who wish to work with the program as part of their instruction since the program will be an excellent complement to many modules of instruction in a variety of courses in each province.

The cost will also be attractive both in terms of development, as National Bank will generously be covering those costs, and implementation as the program will be free in all provinces that participate in guiding the development.

Development will therefore take place through collaboration with provinces that will have input into the development process along the way to ensure its fit with provincial programs, plans, and criteria.

We believe that, by tapping the incredible expertise there is in Canada we will develop a world leading program helping youth, and adults, improve their financial capability and be better able to build and sustain a healthy financial future.

CFEE extends our sincere thanks to National Bank for its support and commitment to financial education in Canada – and to the provinces that will help us to ensure this program will be the best it can be to support improved financial capability in Canada.

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