Smarter Online Presence

03.21.24 - 2024 is the 20th anniversary of the Fraud Prevention Month initiative. Unfortunately, with the world going digital, the instances of fraud and the amount of money people have lost over the last few years are...Read More

Opening Your First Bank Account

02.24.24 -  Opening your first bank account is a big step in your financial journey. Whether you’re young, new to the country, or just never got around to it, taking the plunge to open a chequing...Read More

Four Pillars of Capability

01.29.24 - How CFEE Supports Canadians Spending, saving, anticipating inflation, finding and applying for a job, turning a job into a career, planning for retirement, taking risks, and making changes; the ocean of life is as demanding...Read More

A New Year: A New Financial Journey

12.13.23 - 2024 is right around the corner! As we plan for the new year, let’s look at some financial SMART goals we can customize to stay ahead of inflation and have a stress-free 2024. Each new...Read More

Financial Literacy Month (Alberta)

11.27.23 - Support from Alberta Education is a crucial part of the success of the Building Futures in Alberta program. Please check out the following video from Alberta Education’s X feed, where they interview high school students...Read More

Credit Scores

04.04.23 - What Every Canadian Needs to Know About This Critical Financial Point System. Credit cards, car leases, mortgages, business loans, student loans, bills, navigating adult life without some form of credit, borrowing, or financial commitment is...Read More

New Building Futures in Alberta web site

01.07.22 - CFEE is pleased and honoured to announce that the Foundation is one of the organizations that received a grant from the Government of Alberta to help improve financial education, and the level of financial literacy,...Read More

Let's Talk Money: Seniors

01.07.22 - Open, honest conversations about money are one of the keys to building a healthy relationship with your family, across the generations. With a little preparation, talking about financial matters can help build trust, deepen connections,...Read More

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