State of Financial Education Report

Financial Capability | CFEE | 11.23.18

TD Bank Group has an extensive history and record of philanthropic activity – supporting a wide variety of causes and organizations. In recent years, TD has assigned attention and resources to the goal of improving financial literacy in Canada. The Bank has supported organizations that work in the field (e.g. ABC Life Literacy, Junior Achievement, Prosper Canada, and others), has provided volunteers who support programs at the local level, and has undertaken research to explore the challenge and identify needs and opportunities.

Recognizing that schools play an important role in preparing our children for their financial futures, TD commissioned the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) to produce a report on the current “State of Financial Education in Canada.” To complete this report, CFEE engaged the services of a network of 10 individuals across Canada – all of whom have backgrounds and experience in education. This network engaged in over 200 interviews and consultations with curriculum directors, others from departments and ministries of education, school board officials, teachers, resource providers, and other key stakeholders.

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