Covid19 Quick Access Guide on Canada's Emergency Support Measures - UPDATED

Economic Capability CFEE12.04.20

CFEE is a non-partisan, non-political organization and we have a policy of not posting political materials. However, these are extraordinary times and so, at this time, we are going to make an exception. We believe many would be interested in the following information – A “Quick-Access Guide” (updated December 4, 2020) to help you quickly find and access the emergency support programs introduced by the Government of Canada in response to COVID-19. This information that we are sharing is provided by the MP for Etobicoke Centre – Yvan Baker. We do not see political intent in its message. Rather we see it as information needed. We hope you agree and that you find it helpful.

Table of Contents

Support & Information for Individuals/Families
1. Canada Emergency Response Benefit (Ended)
2. UPDATE! Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy
3. Employment Insurance
4. Canada Recovery Benefit
5. Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit
6. Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit
7. Increasing Support for Essential Workers
8. Increasing Support for Seniors
9. Persons with Disabilities
10. Canada Emergency Student Benefit (for students/new graduates)
11. More Supports for Students and Recent Graduates
12. Canada Child Benefit
13. Special Goods and Services Tax (GST) Credit Payment
14. Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) Withdrawals
15. Tax Filing Due Date and Payment Deferral
16. Mortgage Support
17. Travel Advice
18. Canadians Abroad
19. Travellers Returning to Canada
20. Travel/Border Restrictions & Exemptions
21. Canada-US Border Closed to Non-Essential Travel/Examples of Essential Travel
22. Social Insurance Number
23. Passport Services
24. Immigration
25. Canada Pension Plan, Canada Pension Plan Disability, Old Age Security
26. Mental Health Support
27. Resources for Parents and Children
28. Guidance on Non-Medical Masks
29. New Support to Scale Up Testing & Contact Tracing
30. Online Tool to Navigate Canada’s Emergency Benefit Programs
31. Wage Support for Researchers
32. COVID Alert App
33. Our children must be safe in school. Period.

Support & Information for Businesses
1. Canada Emergency Response Benefit (Ended)
2. UPDATE! Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy
3. Canada Recovery Benefit
4. Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit
5. Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit
6. NEW! Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy
7. Extending the Work-Sharing Program
8. Income Tax Payment Deferral
9. Deferral of Sales Tax Remittance and Customs Duty Payments
10. Canada Emergency Business Account
11. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Loan and Guarantee Program
12. Business Credit Availability Program
13. Export Development Canada Loan Guarantee
14. Canada-US Border Closed to Non-Essential Travel/Examples of Essential Travel
15. Early-Stage Companies & Young Entrepreneurs
16. Arts, Cultural, Heritage, & Sports Organizations
17. Canada Summer Jobs Program
18. Regional Relief and Recovery Fund
19. Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility

Support & Information for Charities & Non-Profit Organizations
1. Emergency Community Support Fund

Please click here to download the updated full guide.

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