Gary Rabbior


Gary has led CFEE since 1981 in efforts to improve economic, financial, and enterprising capability.

Gary has developed school curriculum for a number of provinces and written a wide variety of resources including “Money and Youth” which has over 500,000 copies in circulation and “Money and Monetary Policy in Canada” with the Bank of Canada. He has created a number of major financial literacy projects and programs including the “Building Futures” and “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” programs.

He has served as a Director/Advisor to a variety of Canadian national organizations and government departments including the Canadian Bankers Association, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Federal Department of Finance, and the Bank of Canada. Gary was a member of the initial federal government National Steering Committee working with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada to develop the National Financial Literacy Strategy for Canada.

Gary is a member of financial literacy and education committees for the OECD (Paris) and CYFI (Amsterdam), and was a contributing author to the Guide to Developing an Excellent Financial Education Program that was circulated by the Asia Pacific Economic Community (APEC) to nations in the Asia-Pacific region.

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