Talk With Our Kids About Money (TWOKAM)

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In Brief

  • “TWOKAM” supports parents and teachers in helping kids learn about money and develop important financial skills.
  • "Parents and guardians: The “Home Program” has resources for you.
  • Teachers, the “School Program” has complete lesson plans linked to provincial curriculum – easily used and adapted for grades 4-8.

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Project Overview

Talking about money – the most important step to learning!

“Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” (TWOKAM) is a day when educators and parents/guardians can begin, or continue, talking with their kids about money. Any day could be “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” but we are focusing on one day a year. To make it easy, fun, and engaging for all, the TWOKAM website provides easy to use resources. Parents and guardians, please see the “Home Program” resources which are organized by age range for children from 5 to when they move out on their own. Teachers, please see the “School Program” resources which provide complete lesson plans linked to provincial curriculum – easily used and adapted for grades 4-8.

Over time, TWOKAM has become a 365, 24/7 program with the resources being used throughout the year. One activity spreading to schools across the country are “Money Fairs.” Money Fairs engage students in exploring answers to a key question they have about money, undertaking research and developing a presentation to showcase what they have learned. If interested, click on the “Money Fair” link.

We encourage you to participate – on any day, at any time. Let’s get talking! It can have a big impact on the futures of our children. And when you do talk, we would love to hear about your experiences – and share good ideas with others.


Thousands of parents and guardians, and over 7,500 schools participated in the program last year. TWOKAM was also one of six programs in the world, and the only one from a developed country, nominated for the “Financial Inclusion Award” by the Child and Youth Finance International organization in Amsterdam. TWOKAM has also moved out of Canada and was awarded the Governor’s Award for Financial Literacy in Wisconsin. It is worth noting that Canada came in second in the world in the most recent financial literacy “PISA” results from the OECD in Paris which compares financial literacy in various countries.  The two most significant factors cited by the OECD impacting success were (a) children had the opportunity to learn about money in school and (b) children had the opportunity to talk with parents and learn about money at home.  Both of these are the featured elements for the TWOKAM program. We are delighted that some provinces are now joining with CFEE as official TWOKAM partners and helping us to expand its reach and impact.


The primary goals for TWOKAM are to:
  • Provide a quick, easy way to get conversations started about money;
  • be a catalyst for change in homes and schools;
  • Demonstrate the value of learning about money;
  • Inspire parents/guardians and teachers to invest “more than a day”;
  • Promote more discussion of money with children at home and at school;
  • Get parents/guardians and teachers more confident in helping children learn about money;
  • Over time, improve the financial capability of youth to build successful financial futures.


  • More financial education in schools across Canada;
  • More teachers involved in financial education;
  • Improved confidence and capability among teachers to provide financial education;
  • More parents and guardians engaged in helping their children learn about money;
  • Parents and guardians also improve their own financial capability;
  • More youth have greater financial confidence and competence – and build successful futures
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