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Money and You: Seniors Edition - Launch Event

Join us for the official launch of Money and You: Seniors Edition, the newest resource from the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education. Date and Time: Thursday, June 1, 2023, 1:30... Read More


Wealth Festival 2023

Wealth Fest 23 is a Financial Empowerment Event to inform and educate the Community on Financial Matters. The Money Drip Wealth Fest is an initiative of the Youth Stars Foundation.... Read More


Credit Canada - What To Do When Your Mental Health is Impacting Your Finances

Join this webinar on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 to learn the relationship between financial health and mental health and the strategies to help break the negative cycle between the two.... Read More


Credit Canada - Hey Parents! What You Need to Know to Raise Money-Smart Kids

Join this webinar on Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 to learn how to help your kids learn good money values and teach your kids financial literacy! What’s in the Webinar? Helping... Read More


Futurpreneur Workshop - Maximizing Your Credit Potential

A Free Workshop for Aspiring Entrepreneurs Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to turn your business dreams into a reality? Do you know the important role that credit plays in... Read More


Money and Youth Graduate Program Workshop - Leo Hayes High School

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education is holding a workshop designed to provide graduating students with a unique experience exploring concepts outlined in CFEE’s ‘Money and Youth’ and other related... Read More


Parent Workshop - Financial Literacy for Your Kids (Leo Hayes Parent Council)

On Thursday, April 13th, you are invited to attend a workshop organized by CFEE, together with the Leo Hayes Parent Council, around assisting parents and youth with learning activities. This... Read More


Workshop - Addressing Financial Concerns for Seniors (Stepping Stone Senior Centre)

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education ( together with IG Wealth Management, has organized a series of workshops designed to help seniors develop a better understanding of financial issues relevant... Read More


Strengthening your financial capability throughout the retirement journey

Join presenters Kevin Maynard (CFEE) and Suzie Graham (IG Wealth Management) for a free webinar about financial best practices, tips and reminders throughout the retirement journey. Presentation to be followed... Read More


Seniors Workshop - GOA Toronto: Silver Linings - Fraud Prevention

The GOA Toronto is holding a workshop for seniors entitled “Silver Linings – Fraud Prevention.” Raising awareness about fraud committed online and in person is crucial to protect our communities.... Read More

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