Youth Virtual Workshop Four - Borrowing Money (Kupaa Foundation)

Zoom videoconferencing platform
5:00 - 6:30 p.m. PST

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education is pleased to offer this learning experience as part of the Village Pilot Project (VPP), a mentorship, leadership and academic training pilot project offered jointly by the Red Fox Healthy Living Society (Red Fox) and Kupaa Foundation (Kupaa). This unique series of virtual workshops is designed to provide middle school and high school youth with a unique experience exploring concepts outlined in CFEE’s ‘Money and Youth’ and other related resources.

There are four workshops in the series:

This workshop will focus on borrowing money and using credit: we will explore why people borrow more money today than in the past; why people borrow money; types of debt/credit; the cost of borrowing; student loans; and tips around getting and using credit effectively. Discussion will focus on examples relevant to the age of the participant.

Each workshop will be presented by Kevin Maynard, VP of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, and hosted on the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Workshop participants will include youth involved in the Village Pilot Project participating with their leadership facilitators from the Kupaa Foundation at the Foundation’s location.

Click here to join the webinar.

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