Three Students Each Awarded $1,000 for CFEE Financial Literacy Survey Draw


Winners Announced! CFEE Draw Selects Three Students to Receive $1,000 Each For Participating in Student Survey!

Three randomly selected winners have been awarded their prizes for helping CFEE learn about the financial interests and needs of college and university students. All three winners said they will be using the $1,000 awards to help pay for next year’s education.

The survey, sponsored by the National Bank, was completed by 1,436 students between February 6 and April 14, 2020. Respondents representing students from all provinces of Canada, and attending 94 different post-secondary institutions in a variety of different years and programs, responded to the survey.

The winners of the random draw are Laval University’s Victoria Thân, 23 of Quebec City, College of the North Atlantic’s Hannah Ivany, 20 of Musgravetown, Newfoundland, and Grade 12 student Emma Babula, 17 of Nepean, Ottawa who will be attending Carleton University in Ottawa next year.  Each has been sent a cheque for $1,000.

Emma Babula

Hannah Ivany

Victoria Thân

CFEE, with support from the National Bank will be organizing a series of free workshops as part of the new program called HELP! Managing Your Money on Campus. The new program will provide relevant financial information and tools to youth who are enrolled in Canadian colleges and universities. College and university student are engaged in significant financial decisions, challenges and opportunities and the workshops, along with a supporting website, will aim to offer them assistance in developing their financial knowledge and skills.  The survey was conducted to ensure the workshops are designed to address the challenges, needs, and topics of interest to post-secondary students. The Workshops will commence in the fall.

Ms Than who will be entering her second year of her double MBA in Health Care Management and Public Relations in the fall says the workshops will be very valuable to students. “Providing us with the tools for both academic and personal success is very important,” she said. “Not everyone knows the basics of managing money. It causes a lot of stress.”  Ms. Ivany, a first year business administration student, who is part of the Enactus club on her campus in Clarenville, Newfoundland has already been involved in providing financial education to community members through an Enactus project.  “Workshops are a great idea. A lot of people should utilize these resources.” she said.  Ms. Babula, who will be starting an Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering program in the fall says many students just starting university have no idea how to manage money. “Workshops are a great idea. Sign me up,” she said.

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