Help! Managing Your Money on Campus

Project Overview

With support from National Bank, CFEE will be creating a program to help support the financial education and capability of university and college students. The majority of students at the post-secondary level have entered, very quickly, the world of financial costs, responsibilities, planning, spending, debt, credit cards, and much more.  Most will not have had any preparation in public school for these financial challenges and responsibilities – a situation we hope to change going forward.

But, for now, most college and university students will welcome, and benefit from, help with their financial affairs.  That is what this program will aim to provide.

With National Bank’s support, CFEE will form partnerships with interested universities and colleges across the country.  We will begin with a survey of students to identify their priority needs and interests. We will then develop a variety of workshop presentations so that the workshops can vary and address the differing needs of youth across the country.  CFEE will work with each partnering college and university to determine the most appropriate content for workshops.

We will then have a team of presenters, skilled at engaging youth, conducting the workshops. We will be gathering feedback and evaluation after each workshop enabling us to modify and continuously improve the workshops over time.

CFEE believes this is a target group that has not been well-served in the past in terms of financial help and education.  We greatly appreciate National Bank’s support enabling us to address this need for our college and university students.

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