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The Financial Relief Navigator (FRN), is an online tool that helps vulnerable Canadians and those impacted financially by COVID-19 access critical emergency benefits and financial relief from governments, financial institutions, telecoms and internet providers. While some other tools focus on only emergency benefits, the FRN acts as a one-stop portal where Canadians can access relief measurers from all of these entities.

Some unique features include:

  • Simple, intuitive navigation with plain language descriptions of benefits and financial relief measures.
  • Information on the impact of COVID-19 benefits on existing benefits that people may already be receiving (e.g. Social Assistance).
  • Information on relief measures in place for major banks, credit unions, utilities and telephone/internet providers.

The FRN is available in French and English.

How it works

Users can find out what benefits and relief they could get by selecting the money issues that describe their situation. A full list of benefits and relief measures can also be viewed for each province.

Timely and accurate information

The FRN is updated daily as information changes or as new information becomes available. A “Last updated” date is also included on all benefit and relief pages so users can be aware when updates and changes have been made. To ensure the accuracy of content provided Prosper Canada has designated staff to support the tool in addition to reviewers across Canada who are supporting us with fact checking.

Corrections and feedback

If you have any corrections or suggestions for other information or features you would like to see included on the FRN, please contact: Janet Flynn, Senior Program Officer at, Tel: 416-665-2828 ext: 2255 or 877-568-1571

Sharing the FRN

Frontline providers can make it easy for their clients and stakeholders to use the FRN by including a graphic button on their websites.

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