Money Laughs

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In Brief

  • 10 brief vignettes produced by Just For Laughs Gags to support financial education.
  • Highlighted “money tips” at the end of each vignette that are valuable for financial decisions and actions.
  • Teacher’s Guides to support use in classrooms.

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Project Overview

Financial Education Can Do With A Little Humour

Most people would welcome a little humour in the world of money, finance, and financial education. CFEE thinks so too. That is why we partnered with Just For Laughs Gags and the Fonds de solidarité FTQ to produce the Money Laughs series. The series is comprised of 10 vignettes – each about 1½ – 2 minutes in length. The vignettes are produced in the Just For Laughs Gags mime style and each focuses on a different humour financial situation.

The vignettes set the stage for a little learning that is provided at the end of each video via a series of “Money Tips.”

The vignettes can serve as an effective, engaging, and light-hearted way to introduce a topic or lesson for discussion. They are also perfect for sharing on social media.

Each vignette has an accompanying Teacher’s Guide to support the use of the series in schools.


  • The vignettes provide a fun way to learn about money;
  • Vignettes are short and easy to use in a wide variety of learning environments.;
  • A brief list of “Money Tips” is provided at the end of each vignette;
  • There is a Teacher’s Guide for each vignette;
  • Great way to introduce some important financial topics to youth.


  • Bring some humour to financial education;
  • Help educators engage the attention of learners;
  • Focus on some topics that are important to build financial skills;
  • Increase instruction in schools of important financial topics for youth.


  • More Canadians are engaged and take an interest in learning about money through use of humour;
  • More Canadians, especially youth, are aware of the important money tips that can improve financial decisions and actions;
  • More Canadians are alerted to the risks of frauds and scams and others trying to take advantage;
  • Additional efforts are inspired to bring humour to financial education to help increase interest, engagement, and impact.
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