Denis Leclerc


Denis Leclerc was present since the early days of the Solidarity Fund QFL in 1985. The Fund is a development capital company that is offering and solidarity of all Quebecers. Its main mission is to help create and maintain jobs in Québec by investing in small and medium enterprises. Denis Leclerc has held since 1997 as Senior Vice President of the Fund and the shareholders registered as such, the steering committee. Upon his arrival in office, the Fund counted 328,338 shareholders. It now has over 615,000. Since 2002, Mr. Leclerc is also president and CEO of the Foundation for economic education. union activist for many years, Denis Leclerc was, in 1980, president of the Association of Workers Central Quebec. He was also part of the union bargaining committee at CIP group inc., Trois-Rivières. He also served on the boards of directors of the Association of Certified Human Resources and Industrial Relations, House Casks and institutions Dulong, in Bordeaux, France. Denis Leclerc studied communications, administration and marketing. He holds a diploma in corporate governance, the College of Corporate Directors of the University Laval. Mr. Leclerc is on the Board of Directors Kruger Wines and Spirits. He is also a member of the Federation of Workers of Quebec, the Directors College, Advertising Club of Montreal, the American Marketing Association and the Association of Financial and tax planning.

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