TCDSB Virtual Workshop for Specialist High Skills Major Youth - A Financial Literacy Toolkit

Zoom videoconferencing platform
9:00 - 10:30 am EST

Note: This workshop is intended to be available for students enrolled in programs offered through the TCDSB.

The Toronto Catholic District School Board has partnered with the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) to offer a virtual Sector Partnered Experience SPE (workshop). This workshop is designed to provide students in Specialist High Skills Major programs (SHSM) with a unique experience to explore concepts outlined in CFEE’s ‘Money and Youth’ and other related resources. The workshop will focus on: goals and decision making, planning for the future, banking, saving and the use of credit, budgeting to reach a goal, careers including entrepreneurship and the decision making around the transition from secondary school to the world of work, or further education and training (including obtaining and paying for post-secondary education) will be discussed in this interactive presentation. There will also be time devoted to the realties of the post COVID-19 world, and a question and answer session following the workshop.

This workshop will be presented by Kevin Maynard, VP of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, and hosted on the Zoom videoconferencing platform. The Q and A session will feature a panel of professionals to provide answers to YOUR questions around financial planning, money management and career exploration.

Students are asked to complete the registration information below, using their school assigned email address. Note that participation in this virtual webinar is a required (mandatory) part of your program and that information on your attendance will be shared with your teacher for assessment purposes.​

*** Note: Please use your assigned email address when registering.

Click here to register.

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