Income Tax and Benefits Information Session for Newcomers

Contact or call 506-773-5272.
10:00 a.m.

Are you new to Canada? Do you have questions about Income Tax or other benefits? Join our information session with staff from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)!

Special Guest Speaker: Jennifer Tribe, CRA Outreach Officer on Tuesday, January 16th @ 10AM.

Topics to be covered:

benefits and credits available, such as the:
Canada child benefit
GST/HST credit
Canada workers benefit
Disability tax credit
Child disability benefit
Canada caregiver credit
who can apply for benefits and credits
how to apply for benefits and credits
Canada’s tax system
tax information for specific communities
online services
scams and frauds

Spaces are limited, so register today.
Contact or call 506-773-5272.

We will need the following information when you register: your status (work permit, student, visitor or PR), UCI, DOB, Postal Code and email or phone number.

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