How to Pay for School (for Toronto Metropolitan University students)

Zoom videoconferencing platform
6:30 - 8:00 p.m. ET

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) has partnered with Toronto Metropolitan University to offer a virtual workshop designed to help improve the financial education and capability of University and College students.

A post-secondary education in Canada is a significant investment and can cost $10,000+ per year. Join us to learn some of the ways you can pay for your education, important details about taking on and repaying government student loans, and the impact of being a student on your credit score. You’re in post-secondary to plan for your future, start now by planning for post-secondary.

The goal of “How to Pay for School” is to help you prepare for your post-secondary education by thinking about how you plan to pay for it, and what the longer-term consequences of that payment approach may be. You will learn about some of the ways available to pay for your education, including scholarships and bursaries, loans, and government programs; some of the finer details of government student loans, related to both taking them on, and paying them back; and how being a student can affect your credit score, including ways to build your score as a student. Without a proper plan, the cost of a post-secondary education can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. Think ahead, so you can get ahead.

This workshop is for TMU students only. To register, contact Syanna Gardner of the Project BITS team:

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