2023 CES Conference - Financial Literacy: Ideas and Tools to Support Successful Student Transition


10:15 - 11:15 a.m. PDT

The Career Education Society (CES) conference will take place November 20th and 21st in Vancouver, B.C., and is available for educators and CES members. To learn more about the CES conference and to register, please visit:

Financial literacy is key to making successful transitions to both life and work. As part of both the math and career education curriculum, educators of grades 6 – 12 will learn how to assist students to make informed decisions about money matters.  Attendees will explore a host of financial challenges that occur as young people experience life events, including planning for post secondary studies, transitioning into the world of work, and leaving home as well as making decisions in a post-pandemic world. Participating educators  will receive a listing of free resources to assist them as they assist students in their journey.

Kevin Maynard, Vice-President & COO of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), will provide an overview of online resources and a virtual toolkit and a copy of our successful Money and Youth Guide to Financial Literacy, that participating educators can use to help build financial literacy capabilities for their students.

The workshop will also introduce a number of CFEE initiatives – Money Laughs, Talk With Our Kids About Money, My Money My Future, Money and Youth and FINLIT 101 which encourage youth to take control of their financial literacy learning.

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