Edmonton students learn about financial literacy


Edmonton Public School students celebrated what they have learned about financial literacy on Thursday.

Students from Grade 7 to 12 in Alberta learn about money as part of the curriculum.

The celebration was held at McKay Avenue School with students from Old Scona High School and Vernon Barford Junior High.

Students at McKay Avenue School.

The kids have been learning about money. The basics of money. Everything from opening up a bank account for the first time, learning about investments, investing in the stock market, learning about needs and wants, what they really need to save for and what they want to save for,” said Old Scona teacher Gerald Chung.

“It’s really important that we teach students this right now and we start at a really early age. We believe we should start in elementary. We’re currently working with Grade 7 – 12,” said Debbie Vance of Building Futures in Alberta.

“The students are fabulous. It’s just a great mix of Grade 7s and high school and hearing the different thoughts about what they want to learn about money.”

November is Financial Literacy Month.

From: CTV News Edmonton
November 24, 2022

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