CFEE's President took part in the Roundtable with Ontario's Minister of Education


Greatly appreciated the opportunity to be part of a Roundtable with Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce and leading educators and industry representatives to discuss the future of Ontario curriculum related to STEM education – and to ensure Ontario’s curriculum focuses on skills that are aligned with the rapidly changing job market and world of work.

One of our greatest challenges is to get updated information to our youth on the dynamic job market – and the jobs that are disappearing as others are being created. Our educators and counsellors are going to need help in accessing up-to-date labour market information to share with our youth as the workplace – and skilled labour needs – change rapidly, significantly, and continuously.

We need to help our youth make more informed career choices that can lead to sustainable employment and adequate incomes for a healthy financial future. And our employers need to have the skilled labour they need to support future growth and prosperity.

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