Project Overview

Financial education, and efforts to improve financial literacy, are exploding across the country.

Research is showing a strong correlation between financial health and mental health. Prolonged periods of financial stress and anxiety impact negatively on mental health – whereas staying in control of one’s finances helps to support good mental health. The recognition of this correlation is fueling the proliferation of activities to assist adults experiencing financial stress and anxiety – and to help all Canadians stay in control of their finances.

Our youth need to be a priority target for such efforts. We need to help them prepare for their financial futures – and take control over their money – and make good financial, decisions.

Here, teachers play a vital role. Perhaps more than anyone other than parents, teachers are in a position to help youth build a financially healthy, happy, and successful future. Whether you teach elementary students, middle, high school or post-secondary – whether you teacher math, social studies, environmental studies, or career ed – whether you teach in public school or private school – whether you have a financial background or not – you have an opportunity to make a difference in the future lives of the youth sitting in your classrooms.



  • Supported by Intuit, the new WebPD program focuses exclusively on helping teachers to teach our youth about money, how to make good financial decisions, and how to manage their financial affairs well – today and in the future.
  • We have a host of free resources and programs to support teachers – in English and in French – print, video, websites, posters, and more.
  • We held a National Webinar in January 2022 and shared information with teachers (at the upper middle and high school levels) who joined the efforts to improve the financial capability of our youth.
  • The National Webinar will be followed by four Regional Webinars in the New Year. The Regionals will help teachers align the available programs and resources with opportunities in provincial curricula – finding ways to make financial education fit!
  • CFEE is a non-profit, non-partisan, charitable organization and so we are not going to try and sell you anything. But we will try and confound that old adage, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch!” – and make tons of resources available to you free.
  • And lastly, a side benefit to all this – you will likely learn more about managing your own money, staying in control, and building your own healthy, happy, successful financial future!


  • Teachers participating will experience the fun there can be in teaching youth about something they really care about – and youth have made it very clear they want to learn about money. A survey of over 6,000 youth, providing all sorts of options, found that youth, overwhelmingly, want to learn about money at home – and at school.
  • The National Webinar will enable participants to learn about the state of financial education in Canada – which provinces are doing what, where, and how; gain insight into why financial literacy is so important for our youth; learn of the areas of financial knowledge, skills, and behaviours that are seen by experts as most important for youth to be able to build a healthy, happy, successful financial future.
  • Most importantly, participants will come away equipped with a host of leading edge quality resources and programs to support instruction. In addition, teachers will also be provided with opportunity to join the growing LIFE Network – Leaders In Financial Education Network. There is no cost – only benefits.
  • By joining you will be kept up to date on developments and new resources and programs supporting financial education as they are created. You will also be provided with opportunities to participate in events including webinars and, when the world settles down, conferences and in-person workshops.


Teachers attending the National WebPD Financial Literacy Webinar will:
  • obtain access to a host of free resources and programs to support in-class instruction
  • learn about what’s happening in financial education across the country
  • hear the rationale for why it is so important to prepare our youth for their financial futures
  • learn about ways that financial learning can be integrated into virtually any curriculum subject area
  • hear of other professional development opportunities available including the highly acclaimed program from Intuit - Design for Delight
  • receive information on the Regional Webinars and other webinars being organized to support financial educators
  • identify “enterprising skills” that can be applied to any kind of venture or challenge by anyone
  • have an opportunity to join the Leaders In Financial Education Network (LIFE Network) to receive information on new developments, resources, and programs in financial education
  • through participation in one of the Regional Workshops, learn valuable lessons from Gordon Stein, author of the “Cashflow Cookbook” on easy ways that you, your family, and your students can save money
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