Teaching FinLit in Ontario

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In Brief

  • Supports the integration of financial education into grades 4-10.
  • All components are freely available online.
  • Includes easy-to-use lesson plans that aim to be engaging for students and encourage participatory learning.

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Project Overview

Supporting Teachers With Integrating Financial Education – Grades 4-10

In 2011 the province of Ontario made a commitment to integrate financial education into all new curriculum developed. This led to a significant amount of integration of financial education into a variety of courses.

There is a wide selection of lesson plans for teachers to review, consider, and use as they wish to integrate financial education into a variety of grades and courses.


  • Provides an overall “Learning Framework” identifying learning targets over a range of grades and ages and spanning knowledge, skills, and behaviours.
  • Provides lesson plans in a variety of subject areas to help teachers integrate financial education into their instruction.
  • Supports teacher professional development by improving the confidence and capability of teachers to provide financial instruction.


  • Increase the integration of financial education into grades 4-10.
  • Help establish a learning foundation in the area of financial education for students to be able to use and apply at senior grades.
  • Promote the professional development of teachers in terms of their confidence and ability to teach students about money and financial affairs.


  • Increase in financial instruction provided in grades 4-10.
  • More students will develop basic financial knowledge and skills at younger grades to apply at more senior grades and in life.
  • More teachers are engaged in providing financial education to students.
  • More teachers have the confidence and capability to effectively provide financial education to students.
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