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In Brief

  • Relevant articles from The Globe and Mail selected and posted daily.
  • Lesson plans provided for teachers for many of the selected articles.
  • Youth can submit opinions and articles for review and possible posting.

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Project Overview

Trusted News Belongs in Our Classrooms

As our tagline says “Trusted News Belongs in Our Classrooms” and that is the goal of the NextGen Edition of The Globe and Mail. On a daily basis, articles are selected from The Globe and Mail that are relevant to youth. Articles cover a broad range of subjects from business, the economy, and entrepreneurship to money, the environment, politics and careers.

Many of the articles selected come with associated lesson plans for teachers.

In addition to selected articles, the NextGen Edition provides political cartoons, links to videos, a monthly current events quiz, and more.

Youth can visit the site directly to use resources provided and to submit feedback, comments, and opinions. When significant news breaks, backgrounders are posted quickly to provide information and insights for youth and teachers.


  • Articles relevant to youth are posted daily;
  • Content covers a broad range of subject areas;
  • Lesson plans are provided for teachers;
  • Youth can submit feedback, comments, opinions, and their own articles for consideration;
  • Backgrounders are provided on major breaking news to provide information and insights;
  • Users can search topics of interest and access articles that are archived on the site.


  • Provide early and ongoing access to high quality credible news relevant to the interests of youth;
  • Further the development of media literacy so that youth develop the skills and capability to detect bias in news sources and know how to determine and access credible sources;
  • Provide support to teachers in their efforts to bring relevant news, current events, and important issues into the classroom;
  • Provide clear-language background information and insights to teachers and students quickly as major news stories break;
  • Provide a forum for youth to share their opinions and views on issues and events.


  • Youth in Canada are more informed regarding important news that can affect their lives and futures;
  • Teachers are better equipped and prepared to bring important and relevant news into their classrooms;
  • Media literacy is improved enabling youth to be more capable of accessing and discussing credible news and news sources;
  • Youth have a forum by which to publicly and broadly share their views and opinions on issues and events.
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