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Workshops for Adult Newcomers

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Project Overview

CFEE has been conducting workshops for newcomers for a number of years now, but we are taking our program to a whole new level.

CFEE works in collaboration with a network of almost 800 immigrant-serving agencies to organize financial workshops to assist newcomers with their arrival, integration, and settlement challenges. The agencies integrate our workshops into their language-training and settlement programs, helping to ensure strong attendance and interpretation support. We are also able to tailor the workshop content to the needs and interests of varying immigrant groups by obtaining feedback and guidance from each agency assisting us with the workshop.

The presentations vary according to the general financial background and capability of each group of newcomers.

We have launched a brand new complementary website that both supports workshop presentations as well as the ongoing needs of attendees who can continuously access the website for review, additional information, and links to other sources of help. Upcoming workshops (virtual and in-person) can be found here. If you would be interested in working with us to organize a workshop, please contact us.

This site also features a unique and timely new life event section, with answers to questions on COVID-19 Financial Concerns for newcomers dealing with the pandemic.

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