Canadian Foundation for Economic Education and National Bank Announce Initiative to Support Newcomers to Canada


Series of virtual workshops for newcomer agencies and their clients being held across Canada focusing on resources and programs dealing with COVID-19

Toronto, June 23, 2020 – The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), in partnership with National Bank, will be staging a series of live, virtual workshops for newcomer assistant agencies and their clients, newcomers to Canada. One of the important challenges faced by newcomers is managing their finances as they work to integrate into their new communities, cultures and work environments. With assistant agencies across Canada now closed, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing enormous stress as newcomers to Canada struggle to adapt while staying at home in their new country.

With support from National Bank, CFEE’s Newcomers to Canada Program started at the beginning of March 2020. The workshops are supported by the English and French websites, Managing Your Money in Canada ( and Gérer votre argent au Canada ( Immediately upon the outbreak of the pandemic, CFEE began the design of a series of virtual workshops to help meet the critical financial information needs of newcomers to Canada.

The first virtual workshops are focusing on COVID-19, its implications and resources available to assist newcomers in these extraordinary times. The purpose of these first workshops is to equip newcomer agency staff with the information they require as they deal with newcomers to Canada, many of whom may be overwhelmed by the pandemic and its financial challenges.

In June, and continuing through the summer and fall, CFEE will conduct virtual and, if permitted, in-person workshops for newcomers directly. Initially, these workshops will focus on the financial implications of COVID-19. They will then convert to post-pandemic needs and cover such topics as goals and decision-making, planning for the future, banking, saving and the use of credit, budgeting to reach a goal, careers including starting a small business and the decision-making around obtaining and paying for major purchases such as buying a car or a home.

With the support of National Bank, all elements of the CFEE program – virtual and in-person workshops, website access and resources – will be free to all newcomers to Canada and the newcomer agencies.


Gary Rabbior, President of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE)
“Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world for newcomers. It is important, especially in these times, to help those who choose Canada as their new home to be able to settle into their chosen community, and be able to manage their financial affairs, effectively. CFEE is delighted to be partnering with National Bank to provide an extensive support program of webinars, workshops, and a website full of helpful information to assist their arrival and settlement,” said Mr. Rabbior.

Lucie Blanchet, Executive Vice-President – Personal Banking and Client Experience at National Bank
“The current situation affects us all, and is especially disruptive for newcomers to Canada. That’s why we’re proud to be supporting CFEE in delivering these workshops. I’m confident that they will help newcomers better understand financial management and adopt sound financial habits. With the right tools and information, the transition is sure to go more smoothly,” said Ms. Blanchet.


For more information:

Joseph F. Clark
Communications Director
Canadian Foundation for Economic Education
Tel.: 905-726-3438
Cell: 416-893-8772

Brian Smith
Vice President, Quebec
Canadian Foundation for Economic Education
Tel. (514) 817-3941

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