Workshops for Newcomer Youth to Canada

In Brief

  • Engaging, interactive, informative workshops for newcomers focusing on key financial information.
  • Workshops are available at different levels – Basic, General, Advanced – and are also available as train the trainer workshops for staff.
  • Workshops can be conducted with interpreters and the sessions provide handouts and access to additional online resources and help from other organizations.

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Project Overview

Helping Those New to Canada With Managing Financial Affairs

It is challenging enough to manage one’s financial affairs over the stages and course of one’s life. It is all the more challenging when you change countries and have to learn about financial matters that are different from what you have known and with which you may have been accustomed. This can be even more challenging if you do not have much facility with the language of your new country – in this case, English or French in Canada.

Recognizing the challenges that newcomers to Canada have in terms of integration and settlement, CFEE has developed a workshop series for newcomers that we organize in collaboration with settlement and immigration service agencies across Canada. CFEE has conducted over 200 such workshops in recent years – including a series focusing on Syrian refugees.

The workshops are offered at different levels depending on the interests, needs, and capabilities of the audience.  They range from “Basic”, to “General” and then to “Advanced” for those who have greater starting knowledge. Often interpreters participate in the workshops to help better engage and inform participants.

Workshop materials have been developed that include PowerPoint presentations, handout materials and worksheets. The CFEE website ”Managing Your Money in Canada” is used as a support resource for these workshops. “Train the trainer” workshops are also conducted to improve the capability of employees of the immigrant serving agencies to be able to offer their own workshops.

To view upcoming workshops, see the Events Section of our website at Events | Canadian Foundation for Economic Education ( To request a workshop in your area, please contact us.


  • Engaging, interactive, informative workshops to help newcomers learn more about money and managing their money in Canada;
  • Implemented by outstanding facilitators with extensive experience;
  • Organized and conducted in collaboration with trusted agencies that are able to engage newcomers;
  • Resources and websites help to help support newcomers after the workshop and into the future.


  • Help newcomers to Canada with learning about, organizing, and managing their financial affairs in Canada;
  • Link newcomers to other organizations and agencies that can assist them and provide sources of ongoing support to newcomers participating in the workshops;
  • Help to train staff of the immigrant serving agencies to empower them to be able to offer their own workshops;
  • Decrease the likelihood that newcomers to Canada will be taken advantage of by others.


  • Newcomers are better able to organize and manage their financial affairs in Canada;
  • Newcomers become aware of sources and resources that can help them;
  • Newcomers have an opportunity to ask questions that of personal interest and access information and sources that can help provide answers.
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