Building Futures in Canada

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In Brief

  • The Building Futures in Canada website is a one-stop-shop for newcomers to acquire help and basic information relevant to their settlement and integration questions and needs.
  • It continues to add new information over time as information and contacts change or new ones evolve.
  • It aims to be a bridge between newcomer interests and those who can provide further assistance.

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Project Overview

Helping Newcomers With Their Settlement Challenges

Newcomers to Canada face many challenges and opportunities.  The Building Futures in Canada website has been developed to provide support and assistance to newcomers upon their arrival in Canada – or in advance of their arrival to prepare for life in their new country. There are video profiles of the experiences of past immigrants who share their settlement stories – including challenges and those that provided assistance. There is information available on everything from finding jobs to basic banking to the general weather and climate conditions in Canada. If you are a newcomer to Canada, or work with newcomers, this site has been designed to assist you.


  • Video profiles of past immigrants to Canada sharing their stores and experiences
  • Sources of key, relevant information helpful to newcomers
  • Links to other sources of information and assistance


  • Assist newcomers with their settlement and integration questions, challenges, and opportunities
  • Link newcomers to sources of information and assistance
  • Enable past immigrants to share their stories and experiences via video profiles


  • Newcomers are assisted in their efforts to settle and integrate into their new chosen country
  • Newcomers are assisted with those highest priority challenges including finding a job, housing, and schooling for children
  • Newcomers have access to a source of information to which they can return for help as they have new questions or face new challenges.
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