Ainsley Cunningham


Ainsley Cunningham is the Manager of Education and Communications with the Manitoba Financial Services Agency. During her 24-year tenure with the Agency, she has been responsible for the development and delivery of financial literacy programs for Manitobans. Her passion for teaching financial literacy concepts is evident in the creative nature of the programs that the Agency has developed and the personal manner in which she interacts with learners.

As Manager of Education and Communications, Ainsley has represented the Commission on both national and international education committees. Ainsley was co-founder of the Manitoba Financial Literacy Forum which worked to improve financial literacy within the province of Manitoba, she received the Credit Counselling Canada award in 2016 and in 2018 was awarded the Manitoba Service Excellence Award for the work that she did on the National Binary Options scam campaign.

Prior to government service Ainsley spent several years working in the securities industry and teaching in the public school system. Ainsley holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education degrees as well as a Certificate in Management from the University of Manitoba.

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