My Money, My Future - Canadian Financial Education Challenge - Winner 2022


The 2022 Winner has been chosen for the My Money, My Future – Canadian Financial Education Challenge.

Congratulations to Laïla, Sarah & Elena from Quebec for winning this year’s $10,000 grand prize! The team from Quebec created an incredible financial literacy magazine aimed at teens, full of learning through a variety of activities, games, quizzes, guides, and more! You can meet Laïla, Sarah & Elena, and hear them talk about their project here – and you can view their full project here.

In 2nd place, winning $5,000, was Dayna Xiao of Ontario, who created a 4-week Finance Game Plan called ‘Making Finance Fun’ in FIVE different languages! You can hear from Dayna here, and view her project here.

In 3rd place, was Danika Nell, winning $2,500. Danika created the book ‘Finances for Fun’ to help youth learn about a variety of financial topics. You can hear from Danika here, and view her project here.

A final congratulations to all of the Winners and Finalists, and everyone who submitted projects for this year’s My Money, My Future Challenge, for your hard work and amazing projects! Check back soon for info on next year’s challenge!

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