National WebPD Workshop

Zoom videoconferencing platform
7:00 - 8:30 p.m. EST

This program is an introductory overview designed to introduce educators at the junior high and high school level to the current curriculum development trends in Financial Literacy in Canada, and to explore a wide range of resources and strategies aimed at engaging learners at all levels.

  • This national workshop offered Tuesday, January 25, 2022 from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. EST will provide an engaging opportunity to set the context for a follow up regional workshop with more specific references to the curriculum objectives of specific disciplines and provinces/territories designed specifically for you.
  • The program consists of a one-hour National Workshop and a choice of four one and one half-hour Regional Workshops. Each workshop will also provide an opportunity for an additional thirty-minute Question and Answer period, immediately following the workshop. All workshops will be available on Zoom. For more details please see Events | Canadian Foundation for Economic Education ( Participants should be teaching in the middle (junior high) or secondary grades (high school) in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (Ontario), Edmonton (Alberta), or Prairies (Manitoba and Saskatchewan).
  • In addition to the two workshops – the national and the regional WebPD workshops all participating teachers will receive a tool kit of FREE financial literacy programs that they can immediately use in their classrooms from Grade 8 to the end of High School, and an invitation to participate in an additional FREE workshop offered by our partner Intuit. Design for Delight Level 1 Course, offered by Intuit as part of our partnership, is a unique asynchronous course developed for students, educators and school administrators interested in learning the basics of design thinking. It is provided FREE as part of your WebPD!
  • CFEE has had a long history of connecting education communities to leading edge resources designed to equip educators at all levels – K-12 and beyond – with the skills, knowledge and resources to support new approaches to learning – particularly in the area of Career Development, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy. We contribute to efforts to improve these areas of instruction through initiatives to build capacity through the professional development of educators. This program is specifically designed for teachers working with students in grades 8-12 (typically middle school, junior high, or high school).
  • Teachers attending the National WebPD Financial Literacy Webinar will:
    • obtain access to a host of free resources and programs to support in-class instruction
    • learn about what’s happening in financial education across the country
    • hear the rationale for why it is so important to prepare our youth for their financial futures
    • learn about ways that financial learning can be integrated into virtually any curriculum subject area
    • hear of other professional development opportunities available including the highly acclaimed program from Intuit – :Design for Delight”
    • receive information on the Regional Webinars and other webinars being organized to support financial educators
    • identify “enterprising skills” that can be applied to any kind of venture or challenge by anyone
    • have an opportunity to join the Leaders In Financial Education Network (LIFE Network) to receive information on new developments, resources, and programs in financial education
    • through participation in one of the Regional Workshops learn valuable lessons from Gordon Stein, author of the “Cashflow Cookbook” on easy ways that you, your family, and your students can save money

Join us as together we build a network of financial literacy educator champions in four regions across Canada. To join the network please register for the National WebPD Workshop at

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