Facebook Live - Finance Questions for Challenging Times with Kelley Keehn

Facebook Live Event
3:00 - 4:00 p.m. ET
These are incredibly unprecedented and unsettling times.  You and your family are likely facing a number of financial challenges related to the impact of these unprecedented times.  Join Kelley Keehn behind the scenes as she shares the latest information from government benefits, tax deferrals and working with your creditors so you and your family can survive this crisis.  She’ll cut through the noise and deliver the financial facts you need now. Find out if deferring your mortgage and loans could hurt your credit score, what to do if you’ve lost your job and of course, how do you survive the coming weeks and months with limited dollars.  Learn what resources exist as she delivers messages from Canada’s most credible sources in finance, the latest federal aid plan and emergency benefits you may be eligible for, and, when you’ll see those dollars in your hands.
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