CFEE at the Toronto Global Forum (TGF) – Your Invitation to Participate!


We are pleased to invite you to attend, as a guest of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), the upcoming Toronto Global Forum (TGF) Monday, October 26 to Wednesday, October 28, 2020. Most particularly, we are inviting you to participate in a forum on the future of education on Tuesday morning, October 27th at 11:00 am EST. The timing of this important discussion is excellent – just in advance of November’s Financial Literacy month. The details for the Forum are the following:

FORUM 1 – A GLOBAL APPROACH TO EDUCATION – Tuesday October 27, 2020,  11:00 a.m. – 11:50 a.m. EST

In a rapidly changing national and international environment, the necessity and purpose of education is more important than ever. How is the current economic crisis affecting the education systems? How can countries and communities create innovative approaches to education to not only provide an efficient and robust workforce, but also help people navigate through the challenges of their daily lives? Is digitalization an answer to bring more equality?


  • Michael Hansen, Chief Executive Officer, Cengage
  • Daphne Taras, Dean, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
  • Michael Fullan, Global Leadership Director, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning


  • Gary Rabbior, President, Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE)

After the session concludes just before noon on the Tuesday, we would like you to join us in the CFEE Information Kiosk, where we can continue the conversation and answer any questions you may have about CFEE’s many financial literacy programs.

You are also most welcome to attend other portions of the Toronto Global Forum, again as CFEE’s guest. The following links provide information on the TGF sessions preliminary program as well as the most updated list of confirmed speakers. Both are updated often so you can always refer to the links for further speaker confirmations.

All you need to do is register at: and when prompted enter the code CFEE20.

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