Trick or Treat Finlit

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Here are a few tips to consider when making good money decisions.

Make it FUN

First and foremost, Halloween should be about fun. Those who celebrated Halloween in their youth will recall the many fun aspects of the day – and the night, of course. There were the decisions about costumes – and whether they would be homemade or if it was possible to actually buy a costume. There was the joy of decorating the house, picking out just the right pumpkin (although they always seemed to look the same every year), deciding on what face to put on that carefully chosen pumpkin - without being too ambitious.

Then there were decisions to be made about what to hand out at the door to the visiting trick or treaters - and trying to influence the decisions of Mom and Dad so that, if anything was left, it was stuff we would like to eat. Then there was the walk, or run, from place to place seeking out the best treats we could – always with the supposed threat of a trick but, for most of us, the threat was as far as it went.

Rain or shine, warm or cold, door to door trick or treaters trod to fill their bag to the point where it might be just a little hard to carry. Finally, came the gathering at home to examine the haul and negotiate trades for the things we wanted at the expense of those we didn’t.

How many great memories many will have from those bygone Halloween days? And those days continue for many of the kids today. It can be a really fun day for the family.

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