CFEE President and Chief Executive Officer, Gary Rabbior, Appointed to Canada's First National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy

Steering Committee Appointments Announced by Minister of State (Finance) Kevin Sorenson and Canada's Financial Literacy Leader Jane Rooney

Toronto, July 30, 2014 - Minister of State (Finance) Kevin Sorenson and Canada's Financial Literacy Leader Jane Rooney announced today the appointment of 15 prominent Canadians to the National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy, among them Gary Rabbior, President and CEO of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education. A key responsibility of the National Steering Committee will be providing leadership and support for Ms. Rooney in the development of a Financial Literacy Strategy for Canada.

"I am very honoured to have been selected to the National Steering Committee," said CFEE President and CEO Gary Rabbior. "I look forward to working with my Committee colleagues and Jane Rooney in assisting in the development of the national strategy and helping to build the architecture for even more meaningful financial literacy programs for Canadians of all ages."

The responsibilities of the National Steering committee on Financial Literacy are as follows:

  • Providing advice and insight on issues related to financial literacy to the Financial Literacy Leader
  • Acting as champions by promoting a national strategy to stakeholders and encouraging participation in its development
  • Facilitating coordination and collaboration to initiate financial literacy programs and activities that align with the national strategy's goals and priorities, and securing commitments from organizations within their sectors
  • Participating actively by implementing projects or activities within their organizations that contribute to the goals of the national strategy, and
  • Monitoring progress and reporting to the Leader on the progress of their respective sectors in moving the national strategy forward.
  • "I want to congratulate the Minister and Jane Rooney for the importance and substantive effort they have put behind the further development of financial literacy in Canada," concluded Mr. Rabbior.

    About CFEE:
    CFEE is a federally chartered, non-profit, non-partisan organization, founded in 1974, that works to improve economic and financial literacy and enterprising capability. CFEE works collaboratively with ministries and departments of education along with school boards, schools, educators, and teacher associations. CFEE also engages in activities to support and assist newcomers and past immigrants to Canada, and the general public including print resources, videos, workshops, and online resources. Overall, CFEE aspires to help Canadians of all ages be better prepared to undertake their economic roles, responsibilities, and decisions with confidence and competence.

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