René Vézina

René Vézina is one of Les Affaires’ columnist and blogger. This weekly newspaper is devoted to business and economic issues and reaches more than 350,000 readers. He started his career 35 years ago as a reporter for the CBC in the Gaspé region, in eastern Quebec. He then joined the national network in Montreal, primarily as a science reporter, before leaving to work with documentaries filmmakers.

In 1994, he became host of a weekly newsmagazine, Finances, on the TVA private television network. In the year 2000, he joined Transcontinental Medias and its publishing business, being named editor-in-chief of Commerce magazine, before being called to its the sister publication, Les Affaires.

Meanwhile, he still acts as a guest commentator on the radio, twice a day, for station 98,5 FM in Montreal.

In 2010, he wrote an essay, Comment parler aux médias, published by Transcontinental Edition, giving some tips about the best ways to deal with today’s medias. In 2012, he also hosted a weekly program about personal finances, Deficit Zero, on the Tele-Quebec network.

He has been involved in more than 300 conferences and seminars since 2009, either as a host or a guest speaker.

Married, with two kids, he got his diploma in journalism from Laval University, in Quebec City, in 1976.