Derwyn Sangster

Derwyn Sangster is retired from a forty-year career as a labour economist. Educated at the University of Toronto and the London School of Economics, he worked extensively on labour market and skills development issues, developing expertise in areas such as apprenticeship, immigration, demographics and workplace learning. In his initial career with the federal Department of Employment and Immigration, he specialized in labour market intelligence and sectoral labour market analysis and forecasting. As a senior departmental executive responsible for many of these activities, he played an early leadership role in developing the ‘sector council’ model in which management, labour and governments collaborated to address shared workplace challenges in individual economic sectors. During this period he established and managed such a council.

After leaving the federal government he held senior management positions at the Canadian Labour and Business Centre and in other bipartite or multipartite organizations focused on workplace skills development. In these he worked with senior business, labour, government and education leaders to promote collaborative approaches to workplace and skills development issues.

He completed his career by establishing a business consulting practice in which he offered strategic advisory, project management, research and engagement services relating to skills and labour market issues.