Robert R. Kerton

Adjunct Professor of Economics, University of Waterloo

Bob has worked many times with CFEE since its inception. He helped create the curriculum for Ontario’s first high school course in economics. At the University of Waterloo, Professor Kerton served as Chair of the Department of Economics and as Dean of the Faculty of Arts. His research has been on quality, price, financial services, and product standards, including double standards in international trade. He supervised the consumer research for the MacKay Task Force on the Future of Canada’s Financial Services Sector. Its recommendations led to the creation – in 2001 - of Canada’s Financial Consumer Agency.

Bob was a leader on international matters for the American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI), the world’s largest academic association for consumer research and education. He served ACCI as elected President in 2004-05. As a long-time volunteer for consumer organizations, he spent considerable time explaining economic issues in plain language. He has testified on more than two dozen occasions before parliamentary and senate committees on economic issues affecting consumers, including the GST, trade, banking, competition and regulation.